F E B - M A R C H (2 0 1 3)

February 2013

Yeap. Make-ups. Problem?
Trying out new stuffs in life. Heh (:
They said practice makes perfect. So these are my practices (:

Started my final sem on the 4th of February. 

Though many were still on break but we still had the few of us here on campus.
Yum cha session after class with Tj, Hongmei, Ruixin and Edmond. 
Edmond bought us tea *teehee* 

Final sem. Wow. That's it? I'm almost there? To degree?
Geez not ready for that. Foundations is already hectic enough.\

Oh well. And I got my Sem 1 results. Didn't do as well as I expected.

But I faired okay. 

Next was Thiv's and Say Lee's birthday celebration.   
Haha my plan totally failed as Say Lee wasn't feeling well.
Initially everyone went to 21st Century and had dinner. 
After that we all drove down to Say Lee's house to surprise her.
Well impromptu's sometimes work! Haha.
You should check out the look on her face; I walked in her house likeaboss
And she was still meddling with her hand-phone at the corner beside her television.
Then she suddenly realized there were a lot of people coming in. Haha.
And she said " Ehh? Why are you all here? ". Haha.
Then we just had a simple cake cutting ceremony etc.
Cake-to-face smacking and fashion show. Haha.
Check out Russell's latest outfit! Muahahaha.
*sings* I'snt she lovely? HAHAHA

Then it was Chinese New Year!
No so much bout the angpaus but the FOOD.
Haha paradise! Brother came home from Melbourne on the Reunion Dinner Night.
As usual, mum will serve awesome delicacies for the night. Dinner with grandparents :)
On the same night, we went to the temple for our annual routine (prayers).
Followed by the First Day of CNY.  
Mum prepared a variety of vegetarian dishes as that is the tradition to have a vege brunch at our Granparents house (dad side)
As for dinner we (mum,dad,sis,bro and i) had dinner at home :)
It was my suggestion *brilliant one* ;p to have steamboat at home this year :) 
Nomnomnom much* 
On the second day we went to my Grandma's house (mum side)
Had lunch there with my mum's side relatives :)
And camwhored with cousin sista!
As for dinner, we (mum,dad,sis,bro,eileen,i) went for dinner at Restaurant Overseas in Jalan Imbi (KL)
It was an exquisite dinner treat by my brother :)

On the third day of CNY, 
I was like really bored since there were no plans I called Binng and Edmond up and we went for a movie!
I Love Hong Kong 2013. Haha Cantonese CNY Comedy @ Cheras Leisure Mall.
I personally loved it cause I love Kate Tsui and Bosco Wong (not forgetting Michael Tse - Laughing Gor)
Dinner at home : My mum's siblings family came over for dinner & visiting.
Tee-hee I was chit chatting with my 2 cousins (Shiao Yen & Je Wei) the whole night.

Fourth day, went to my Aunts house for dessert & visiting :)

On the 6th day of CNY I went to Celest's house for visiting.
The nasi kerabu and spaghetti was (Y) really good. I ate alot. Muahahaha.
And also the Lee's Pineapple Juice (Y) Definitely one I wouldn't forget.

The 8th day of CNY, was 人日 its also known as Everybody's Day (Birthday).
We usually celebrate by having Yee Sang (Fish) porridge for dinner :)
It sure taste good cause I love porridge!   
On the 9th day of CNY went to Edmond's house to celebrate Hokkien's New Year :)
It's also in the tradition that the 9th day is the Hokkien's 1st day of CNY :)
They will have prayers at home and after that we'll have a feast :D
Ngeheh* camwhore moment *

On the 10th day of CNY, my classmates surprised me with a phone call asking if they can come for visiting.
Yeah so they came and watch 'We Not Naughty' a Singaporean Movie (DVD)
After that we headed to Yip Sheng Restaurant for dinner :)
Next we went to Guang Jian's house before heading home.
Sad. I lost 10 bucks gambling at his house. Saaad haha but once a year..

Alright so that's about it for CNY. Next was my Birthday :D
Bro came back from Thailand and we celebrated @ Midnight.
Simple cake cutting ceremony :D 
Had a Tiramishu cake bought by my sister and 
Bro and eileen got me a Sephora cosmetic set! THANKS!
Haha and dad also made me supper *happy kid* My fave Mee Sedaap!

The next day again I was surprised by my Uni mates!
During account's class! All of a sudden everyone starts singing the "happy birthday" song.
Tee hee they bought me birthday cupcakes! 
*i actually believed that they made it-anyhow it was sweeet!
Thank you so much guys!
And Li Chern also made me a heart shaped balloon =')
Sim bought me breakfast and also a slice cake! Hehe..*princess mode* Tq dear!
As for dinner, Say Lee picked me up for dinner but I didn't know where we were heading to!
Oh yeah before that, Sis bought me sushi for Tea~

Finally we reached Piccadilly Restaurant  @ PJ!
Dinner was seriously fun! Hahahaha the jokes we share and the WEIRDEST OF NIGHTS EVER!
As an aunty approached me and started putting her hands over my shoulder singing the birthday song OVER AND OVER AGAIN.
My girlfriends were LAUGHING and SINGING ALONG WITH HER. I was creeped out but I know that woman was *outofhermind
She works as a waitress over there but I believe she's suffering from some Schizophrenia as she kept on talking irrelevant things and going so close to me! NOOOOO. 
My girlfriends are seriously the "best" not only they sang along TWICE, 
but Jun Ying even TOOK PICTURES of me and her! *hahahahaha* funny ar? Ishhh!
Dinner was good. Really good *plus beer* *tink* Thanks to my girls for the treat! (huini, feli, saylee, jy)
During the ride home, Say Lee sent me and JY home; hahahahaha. They were talking and pointing at a dog in the streets.
But what they didn't notice was a LIZARD on the dashboard!
Hahaha I said " Eh, gou gou (dog -in chinese) is a new name for Lizard? "
Then they said " What lizard? " Then I pointed to the same direction " There..Lizard in the car"
As soon as JY saw! She screamed and we all panicked! Haha. thankfully we were already at the perimeter of my taman! YAY SAFE,
hahaha but we wanted to get it out but god knows where it went. haha..they two were panicking throughout the whole ride home.
FUN AND FUNNIEST BIRTHDAY NIGHT EVER. HAHAHAHA. One I will definitely not forget! Thanks to my lovely girlfriends once again! xxxx!

On the 26th, I attended an Ochestra in my uni. It was an ensemble with Sunway students.
My cousin, Shiao Yen was invited as well. Hah cellist at her best!
Sheng Han played the piano for the Choir team as well.  
Well done guys! Was a magnificent musical night.
And my cousin sister surprised me with a birthday present! =') 
Something I've always wanted! 
Thank you sooo much dear!

March 2013     
Then it was officially the end to my awesome fawesome February. Favourite month ever.
Sobs. Well March was hectic. Tests; Legal Concepts, Quantitative Methods, Accounts, Macroeconomics.
Assignments due: Business Functions, Groups and Interpersonal Dynamics and, QMB

Yet I did allocate some time to chill with my friends, family also for my hobby.

Heh started off with a small gathering with Say Lee and Binng on the 2nd of March.
We went for a movie ' Beautiful Creatures' and lunch Shabu Garden. It was an awe-evening indeed.
Good food, nice movie and awesome besties. What more can I ask for? =)

Lunch with the classmates, Jia Xiang's Curry Chicken Chop Rice, 
Leisure Mall's Sakae Sushi,
 Semenyih's Pizza Hut  :)

Then it was MTQ (13th March 2013). It was pretty impromptu cause we were invited to be the guest performers.
Though the whole performance wasn't at its tip-top level, but in a knick of time, I guess we did quite okay.

And once again thanks to the ever supporting Music Society Committees and friends of TAS and the ever-enthused audiences!

It was an incredible evening. Obviously with The Indonesians and Salar wininng both categories; it was an incredibly awesome evening as they were off the hook! Even Harvinth and Mero were invited to the event as guest performers. Kajang ftw people! Haha. And the ex-MTQ band champ was awe too! They performed  Thrift-Shop by Clara C (originally by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis), Fabiolla's vocals blew me off.
The whole night filled with awesome people , awesome performances was indeed one I will remember for good. 
Not forgetting my girlfriends who came! Binng, Say Lee and Lim!
 Thanks dears! *okay fine and Wairen* Lol. Headed for mamak after the show.
Then it was yum cha session with my girlfriends again (16th of March)
Huini, Lim, Say Lee and Binng @ Rest 1. Once again a fun filled evening filled with laughter and madness!
Yeah, I went there after work.

I too went for a project site visiting with Boss (Jiehow), Alex and Vincent. 
Mmm, a photo captured by boss.

Met up with Hoong on the 21st (her results day-SPM)
Mmm..just to catch up since I haven't met her for more than a year (Almost)

Then it was badminton season.
With my brother, sister and mum (even wt saylee, lim, binng, amanda, wairen on one evening) :)
Healthy ain't we? :D

Finally on the 29th, had an official gathering with the whole girlfriend clique!
Say Lee, Felicia, Binng, Sim, Lim, Jun Ying and HuiNi. (Pei Chee was still at Sunway ;/)
We went for dimsum at Connaught :) Awesome food and awesome people agaaain =)
Tee hee much love!

That's it for now.
April and May's post will most probably be updated after my finals! 
27th May is gonna be my last paper!
Can't waiiit.
Heh and I have some stuffs up in June all set for me already.
Wanna know what's it? Heh stay tuned. Clue : Studio.

Thanks for reading :D